Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of each course?
Each course of lessons may vary in length depending on Hertfordshire school term dates.

When do the swimming classes take place?
Classes run after school and at weekends, depending on the venue your child attends classes at.

How long does each lesson last for?
Each lesson runs for 30 minutes, apart from Silver and Gold classes which are 1 hour in length.

How many children are there in a class?
The maximum number of children in any class is 7, although the beginner classes will be smaller.

How and when do I pay for the lessons?
Lessons must be paid for by the due date to guarantee your child's place on the next course.  Lessons are paid for a course in advance.  Please see Lessons page for more information.

I need to change my child's lessons to another day, is this possible?
This is not always possible, however, please inform us as soon as possible of the change you require.  We will endeavour to move them at the earliest opportunity, when a suitable space becomes available.

Do instructors teach in the water?
Our swimming teachers will teach both from the side and in the water, as appropriate for the particular class.

Do you use armbands for beginners?
Armbands are not used.  Beginners will be taught using a variety of alternative buoyancy aids.

When are children assessed?
On certain dates each term children are assessed against the stage they are working on.  All children are also under continual assessment throughout the term to ensure they are in the correct class and making progress.  If appropriate children may be moved to the next stage mid term.

Is there an awards scheme?
The Swim England Learn to Swim Framework has a comprehensive range of awards that each child can attain throughout their swimming lessons to show achievement.  Please refer to the Award Scheme page.

When will my child get their next badge?
Badges are awarded to swimmers when they are repeatedly able to do the skills required for that badge.  There is no defined timescale for this, children learn and develop new skills at different speeds.  If you wish to know what your child needs to do to pass a particular stage, please refer to the Award Scheme page.

Do we get feedback on our child's progress?
Splash! Swimming Co-ordinators are always happy to give feedback.  We can take calls between the hours of 9am and 7pm, if we are not available please leave a brief message and we will return your call as soon as possible.  Alternatively you can email  or send us a text message Contact Us.

Do I need to tell you if my child cannot make a lesson?
If you are going to miss one, or several sessions, please inform us - a text message is fine.

If we are missing lessons due to holiday, parties etc do we get a refund?
Missed lessons cannot be refunded or replaced.  No refunds will be given for missed lessons unless they are cancelled by Splash!

My child has been ill recently should I still bring them to lessons?
Children should be fully fit and healthy on the day of their lesson.  If your child has been ill please refer to the Medical page for exact rules and recommendations.  Please adhere to these rules as they are in place to protect your child.  Please note that if a member of Splash! considers your child unfit for any reason they will be removed from the lesson.

Do swimming lessons run through the school holidays?
Swimming lessons are mainly run within term time.  During school holidays you may be able to take advantage of 1:1 lessons, crash courses or stroke correction clinics.  Please refer to the Lessons page.

We are going on holiday, is my child safe in water?
All children should be supervised at all times when in and around water.

What happens when my child passes Gold?
If your child would like to continue their swimming career by joining a competitive swimming club, joining Rookie Lifeguards or Swimfit sessions, we would be pleased to give you details.

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